Hey there!

I'm Therese Eriksson

I’m a Swedish video marketer who is obsessed with RV’s, sushi (thanks to Mr. Russian), paleo lifestyle, bachata dance, animals and nature. I have been blessed to walk on this earth since 1991.

Somewhere during high-school, I started to lose pieces of myself. I knew early that I wanted to leave Sweden, and my first trip ever abroad turned out to be the greatest lesson regarding life. I realized that life is so much more than trading time for money.

My time living in Egypt made an impact on me because during that time in my life I changed forever.

I lived on $0,5 a day, but I had so much fun everyday. Back in Sweden again I found myself more and more miserable working a corporate job as a receptionist at a car-repair shop. I hated it and made a decision to invest in an education (self-development, finance, health etc) and broke free from the standard rat-race.

Today I’m continuing to build my empire including amazing and inspiring people around me, a lot of love, travel with Mr. Russian, and some hip moves from my bachata dancing nights.


Right now, I’m probably out shooting something inspiring to show on social, with the purpose of motivate you to continue on your path towards your dreams (or maybe I'm taking a swing on the dancefloor)

It’s not an easy path to go, going after your dreams, and it will be times when you will be tested.
Hold on my friend!
You are closer than you think to achieving that life you deserve and want so badly. My mission is to guide you to find the courage to show up, get seen as an authority so you can shine and thrive.

I’m wearing



I’m the CEO of my life and I’m proud over the business I have created by helping people use video online.

It's in the small



We all love a great nail-biting night time story, don't we? I’m that storyteller who will make you want to watch until the end.



Therese Eriksson

I’m guilty of being a millennial travel freak, and do you know what? - I LOVE it!



I feel like the most adored woman in the entire universe when Pilip calls me his treasure, with his Russian accent. It’s the cutest thing ever.



Therese Eriksson Speaking

We can all inspire and influence each other to do great things in this world. I’m choosing to lead and inspire you to take action and to believe in your own power to move forward.



My old boss called me Tuss, now people who are close to me calls me Tuss, Tess or Video Queen.

The Ultimate Quiz

1. If you could be an animal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Panda
  • Spider
  • Horse
Artboard 12

Move to Switzerland

3. Go-to outfits are:
  • Jeans and a tank
  • Dress and high heels
  • My shorts and my BF’s biggest shirt
  • Jumpsuite
Artboard 14

Heal Your Wounds & Find Your True Self

5. Most likely to BINGE-WATCH
  • Friends
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • The Big Bang Theory
Artboard 14


7. First travel choICE
  • Maldives
  • Yellowstone
  • Ibiza
  • Thailand
Artboard 12

time line

a Look Back

2010 -2020

I have clearly tried and failed in a lot of areas in my life, here are some things that have built my worth and made me into the person I’m today.


Graduated from Kopparlundsgymnasiet (High school)

Got a scholarship in media

Traveled abroad for the first time (and it was ALONE!)

Moved to Egypt to work as a snorkeling instructor

Started the blog "Egypt Life"


Quit my blog

Got evacuated from Egypt because of the Arabic spring

Got my first corporate job at Mekonomen (car part shop)


Learned everything there is to learn regarding administration work, and how to live a 9-5

Went back to school part time to study maths, chemistry, physics and biology

Still worked at Mekonomen part-time


My first time in America (Florida)

Still worked part-time, and studied part-time

Stuck in the rat race, hated my life..

Therese Eriksson


Got accepted to a bachelor’s program in Geoscience at Uppsala University

Quit my job – FINALLY!

Went to my first student party


Went through my roughest school semester ever -> Chemistry 8am-5pm EVERYDAY

Did my first hair mineral analysis -> Started to take my health more seriously

Went to my first lecture in self-development -> Blew my mind!

Bought my first self-development program -> a weekend


Started to believe in my dreams again

Bought my first DSLR camera

Went with Copenhagen University to Gran Canaria on a field trip -> lost motivation in Geoscience

Brought an American health influencer to Sweden, and organized a seminar with her

Bought my first $2000 self-development course in Stockholm


My first “big opportunity”, which was flying to Los Angeles to attend a 5-day event shooting videos for an “influencer”

My second “big opportunity”, which was flying to Spain to shoot videos for another "influencer"

Graduated from Uppsala University with a bachelor’s degree in Geoscience.

Got my first BIG client

Took my first online course "Instagram For Millions"


Worked my last summer at Mekonomen

Built my first online course "Instagram For Bosses"

Hired my first private coach

Met Mr. Russian


Quit my full-time job to focus 100% on my own business

Created my 2nd online course "Swedish For Russians"

Created my first documentary "A Grandchild’s Story, The Murder of Grandmother"

My documentary won the prize "Rising Star of The Year" at Västerås Film Festival

Held my first live video workshop

Hired my 2nd private coach

Created my 3rd online course "Video Mastermind Program"


Landed my first 10K client

Reached 20K followers on Tiktok

Reached 5k followers on Linkedin

Got featured in a lot of Swedish media "SVT, Expressen, VLT etc."

Burned out, crashed, and lost myself

Hired my 3rd business coach who cost $5,5K

Re-branded myself and my message

Hired the female world champion in boxing as a training coach

Outsourced my -> Business finances

Outsourced my -> Website (thank you Lord for that!)

Conducted my first big interview my first big interview with a Swedish Youtube influencer

Started to dance bachata with Mr. Russian

My favorite things

What do I as a human being, an entrepreneur, videographer, marketer, traveler and girlfriend love?
I have put together some of my tools that make (have made) my life a little bit easier and comfortable.

Let’s check them out, maybe you find something that can fit your life too?

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