I want to help you create a life you never want to take a vacation from

I get it, sometimes you want to go premium and don’t want to go through all the hours and hours of learning a new skill by yourself. 

I’m here to back you up and deliver high-quality top-notch services, everything from private coaching to letting me create amazing videos for you. Or maybe you want me to personally teach your team how to create social media and videos in-house?


-Seth Godin

Experience Premium

As my premium customer, you always come in the first place. I select my premium customers with a lot of care, and it’s because I do everything in my power for you to feel appreciated, loved and get an experience over the unusual. 

I’m not an ordinary content creator, I only work with projects my whole heart is in, and therefore you need to go through an application process in order for me to accept you as my premium client. 

If I move forward with you, we will have a long and amazing relationship that will make both of us grow!

Video Services

Looking for someone to capture your company’s story, creating professional LinkedIn videos or telling an interesting story on social media?

I’m the gal who sees the whole picture, know what to do and not to do. I coach you from my heart in how to act in front of the camera so the viewer sees your best and most representable self

Does neither one of you, or your team, want to be in front of the camera?

For some specially selected companies, I offer to use me as the front-face in the video. Then I do everything in your video and you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Private Coaching

I know that I have a lot to give, and I want to give some exclusively selected people the chance to be coached by me privately. 

Therefore, I have created a coaching program to fit your needs, and for you to borrow my brain and get those new ideas that can be revolutionary for your business and life.

I’m going to be tough on you, and you need to be willing to put in the work. I’m only working with people who are doers and making sh*t happen! 

Are you a doer?

Education Services

I have a whole-day and a half-day private workshop to offer you and your in-house production team if you have the need to build stronger knowledge in social media content creation.”

I teach you how to create better videos yourself, and you and your team get exclusive private help and feedback from me right on the spot. We take a look at your social media presence and optimize it to be the most attractive and beautiful looking appearance there can be.


"Thank you dear for your amazing job! I do not like to be in front of the camera, but I feel so proud when I watch the video. Is it really me? You got me to relax and the end result was very professional. Proud!"

- Susanne Andersson

free presets

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